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Nipissing Manor

A Special Place for Special People

Senior Management

Wentworth Graham President
Kay Graham

Vice President

Kathryn MacDonald

Jayne Farrell


Director of Care

Shaun Reichstein Nutrition Manager
Emily Walpole Life Enrichment Coordinator

Dr. Derek Ng

Dr. Kristin Rogers

Colleen Calhoun

Medical Director/Attending Physician

Attending Physician


All members of the management team can be reached by email at admin@nipissingmanor.ca and by phone at 705-752-1100. Messages will be returned as soon as we are able.

Mission / Fundamental Principle
Nipissing Manor is primarily the home of its residents and is to be operated so that it is a place where they may live with dignity and security, safety and comfort and have their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs adequately met in both official languages.

Through close working relationships with our community partners, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of care for our residents as well as excellent working conditions for our employees.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and the promotion of individualized lifestyle for each resident.

Maintaining a home where all persons are treated with dignity and respect.

Providing learning and professional development opportunities as well as health and wellness promotion for our employees.

The maintenance of a safe and secure environment for all persons served.

1202 Hwy. 94, Corbeil, ON P0H 1K0 (705)752-1100
Email: admin@nipissingmanor.ca
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