February 2019

Special Events

· Zumba Gold with Shelley from the Studio - Friday February 1 at 10:30am

· We Care Flower delivery sponsored by Sobeys on Algonquin - Friday February 1 at 10:30am

· Groundhog Day Silhouettes - Saturday February 2 at 2:15pm

· Bonhomme Carnaval & Les Filles D’Isabelle - Wednesday February 6 at 2:15pm

· Music with Dan Currie - Sunday February 10 at 2:15pm

· February Birthday Party - Tuesday February 12 at 3:00pm

· Morning Spa - Thursday February 14 at 10:15am

· Valentine’s Day Tea & Piano music with Steve & hors d’oeuvres Thursday February 14 at 2:15pm

· Wood working - Friday February 15 at 2:15pm

· Back In Tyme Band - Sunday February 17 at 2:15pm

· Music with Dennis Beaulieu - Wednesday February 20 at 2:15pm

· Nipissing Manor Resident Memorial Service - Thursday February 21 at 2:30pm

· Veteran Visits with Tony from Callander Legion - Wednesday February 27 at 2:00pm

· Dance Night with music by The Nipissing Knights - Thursday February 28 at 7:15pm


Religious Services

Salvation Army:  Friday February 1 at 2:15pm

St. Alphonsus Catholic Service: Sunday February 3 at 2:15pm

                                                                Anglican Eucharist:  Tuesday February 5 at 10:15am                                                                 

Faith Chapel Choir:  Thursday February 14 at 10:15pm

7th Day Adventist:  Saturday February 16 at 2:15pm

                                                                         Gospel Hall Hymn Sing:  Thursday February 21 at 7:00pm                                                                      

Catholic Mass:  Friday February 8 and 22 at 10:30am

Rosary Group with Volunteers Susan & Maria - Thursday February 7 and 21 at 10:30am


            Family Dining with Residents ~ Reservations required

                                                   Opportunities are available for dining with residents in our Main Dining Room at 12:30 for lunch & at 5:30pm for supper. Maximum 3 guests per resident.                                 

· Meal tickets are $10.00 each and must be purchased in advance from Main Office Monday through  Friday 8:00 am- 4:00pm. Minimum 24 hours notice please.

Special occasion celebrations (eg: Birthdays, Anniversaries) in our Retirement Home Dining Room  between 2:00 and 3:30pm for maximum 25 people, no charge & depending on room availability.  Family provide food & beverages. Reservation required. 

Animals visiting at Nipissing Manor are to be:

· a) In good health, having been examined annually by a licensed Veterinarian and free of diseases.

· b) Rabies and other vaccinations current and available.

· c) Owners and handlers shall be responsible for making available up to date veterinarian and vaccination records when    their pet visits Nipissing Manor.

· d) On a leash

Animals with any of the following conditions are excluded from visiting for 1 week following the resolution of:

· a) Diarrhea

· b) Vomiting

· c) Sneezing, coughing

· d) Skin infections both open and closed, ear infections, skin and soft tissue infections (SSTI).

Suspend visitation until veterinary documentation is provided to show the treated animal is free of MRSA.


Residents’ Council: February 18 at 2:30pm

Family Council: February 26 at 4:00pm

For more information please call (705) 752-1100. 


Email: admin@nipissingmanor.ca                         Website:  nipissingmanor.ca