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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of our residents, families, staff and visitors remains our top priority.

  What you need to know:



Visitors must report to the Unit Clerk Desk upon ending the building for screening. A surgical mask is to be worn for all inside visits in the home.  Visitor must attest to a negative COVID-19 test within the last 14 days. In room visits are permitted for those residents who are in a private room. Residents who share a room with a room mate/mates, their visit will take place in the first east lounge. You are not to leave the designated visiting area for the duration of your visit. All visits must be booked in advance. 

For everyone’s safety, anyone who is on self-isolation, or has not been tested negative for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, must not visit. 

Please do not pass along anything, such as food or drinks to your loved one. 

Please Follow all other guidelines as outlined for the Outdoor Visits.


Essential Caregiver is a type of essential visitor who is designated by the resident and/or their substitute decision-maker and is visiting to provide direct care to the resident (e.g., supporting feeding, mobility, personal hygiene, cognitive stimulation, communication, meaningful connection, recreational continuity and assistance in decision-making).

  1. The resident and/or substitute decision maker will designate up to 2 essential caregivers for the resident.  This will be communicated to the home in writing. Please email admin@nipissingmanor.ca 
  2. Both essential caregivers may visit at once during the day. Only one visit per day per resident. Visits are only permitted in the residents room for the full duration of the visit, no exceptions. 
  3. Please report to the Unit Clerk Desk upon entering the home for screening. Visitors must attest to a negative COVID-19 test with the last 14 days, answer screening questions, and get their temperature checked. A surgical mask will also be provided for you. Please do not proceed to your loved ones room without getting screened. If there is no one at the desk please wait for someone to come screen you and let them know who you are here to see. Once screened please go straight to the residents room. When leaving, please report to Unit Clerk Desk for screening again. 
  4. Essential caregivers will be provided with training that addresses how to put on and take off required PPE, and hand hygiene - Cassandra will provide PPE training during one of your visits. 
  5. If the home is not in outbreak, a maximum of two essential caregivers may visit a resident at one time provided the resident is not self-isolating or symptomatic, and where space is provided to ensure distance and infection control protocols can be maintained. 
  6. If the resident is self-isolating, symptomatic, or the home is in outbreak, a maximum of one caregiver may visit at a time.
  7. An essential caregiver may not visit any other resident or home for 14 days after visiting another resident who is self-isolating, symptomatic and/or home in outbreak 
  8. Upon receipt of palliative care orders, a resident will be permitted to have up to two visitors at a time, regardless if the resident is symptomatic or in self-isolation.  These visitors are not required to be designated as support workers or essential caregivers.   
  9. Please contact Cassandra between Monday - Friday to give notice as to when you will be visiting your loved one. This will ensure staff have resident ready for you to visit. 
  10. Please follow screening and infection control protocols for inside visits as listed above. 


For everyone’s safety, anyone who is on self-isolation must not visit. 

Please call and speak to Cassandra in regards to a time frame you will be picking up and dropping off your loved one. 

You will need to wear a mask when entering the home and will be screened at the unit clerk station, before and after taking your loved one out. The resident will also need to be screened before leaving and again when returning. The resident will be supplied with a surgical mask that is required to be worn the whole duration of the outing if applicable. 

For Retirement Home; Family member can remain outside. We we screen your loved one and they will come to the front doors. 

Please refrain from bringing back any non-parishable food or baked goods. All items coming into the home will be held for 3 days. 

Thank you for your support!

All residents and staff have been tested. All results are negative. 

 Essential items will be accepted at the door, and quarantined for 72 hrs. Please ensure items are labeled with resident name, and dated.

Thank you for your support and patience at this time. 

Being in touch with your loved one during this challenging time is important.

Please contact Cassandra Pugh to help you navigate the best time and way to reach out -- i.e. 

by phone, email, or skype.

Cassandra can be reached at:

705-752-1100 ex. 209

[8-4 p.m. Monday to Friday]

Nipissing Manor

A Special Place for Special People

Welcome to Nipissing Manor

"A Special Place for Special People"

At Nipissing Manor we provide a continuum of two levels of care. Long Term Care and Retirement Living.

  • Our Long Term Care Home which is licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provides accommodation for 120 residents.

  • Our Retirement Home provides accommodation for 20 residents.

Nipissing Manor has been providing Long Term Care since 1967.

Nipissing Manor is a smoke-free environment.

Our caring professionals and dedicated employees are committed to providing exemplary care to our residents. Our high standards have earned us an excellent reputation.

Our unique and scenic setting offers acres of landscaped grounds, mature trees and wheelchair accessible  therapeutic nature trails.

Our home has been thoughtfully designed to be a place you can call home.

Nipissing Manor receives funding from North East Local Health Integration Network. The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the views of North East Local Health Integration Network.


Since 1984, Nipissing Manor has consistently received the maximum three year accreditation award.

Accessibility Plan

We continually strive to identify and remove all barriers for persons with disabilities, enabling them to fully participate in the programs and activities and utilize all available amenities.

1202 Hwy. 94, Corbeil, ON P0H 1K0 (705)752-1100 Email: admin@nipissingmanor.ca
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