Our parents have lived here for more than 6 years. They always tell us that the staff are excellent and that they are treated well. Whenever we have visited, we have noticed the excellent care provided and the respect staff provide to the residents. Administration keeps my brother informed of any changes, incidents, or needs affecting our parents. We are pleased that our parents enjoy living at Nipissing Manor.


Cecile Somme

I spent three weeks at this wonderful facility when my parents moved in getting to know the staff. They are caring, considerate, professional and most of all, wonderful human beings. I feel comfortable knowing that my parents are in really good hands. Every resident is treated with the utmost respect. The care is of high quality because of the patient/caregiver ratio. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best place for my parents to spend their last precious years of life. They mean the world to me and their care important. Thank you to all of the amazing staff for making my parents and I feel welcome in becoming a part of the Nipissing Manor family.


Annette Newcomb

My grandparents are both living at Nipissing Manor. The staff has been so wonderful with getting to know them personally and caring for them! The kitchen staff even saves a bowl of soup for my grandmother every day because they know that when she wakes up at 3:00 in the morning, she likes to have a warm bowl of soup. A huge thank you to everyone who works there for taking such great care of my grandparents!


Jessica Newcomb

My family was so fortunate to have both our parents at Nipissing Manor. Their service and kindness helped us each day to deal with their illness. They were so accommodating in making them so comfortable during their stay. Their attention to detail to ensure all of their needs were met was so apparent.


Lorraine Ledoux

Both my parents spent quality time at the Nipissing Manor, and the care they received by the staff did not go unnoticed. The staff showed a lot of compassion and empathy towards them, always ready to help when there was a need. As a family, we the children, did not have to worry as we knew they were in good hands, and they were happy. THANK YOU NIPISSING MANOR FOR YOUR EXCELLENT YEARS OF SERVICES OVER THE YEARS. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOU DO.


Marie Bennett

My recently deceased father spent almost 20 years of his life at this nursing home! They were the reason he lived to such an old age considering the disease he was dealt! The staff treated him with the utmost care and respect! Everyone was like family! He always spoke about the fantastic meals and good care he received. The Scobie Family.


Bill Scobie

Wonderful staff. They all take such good care of the residents. They treat them like family! Great work nip staff


Courtney Papineau